Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event set for July 31, 2021 See attached flyer for more information. Evento de recolección de desechos domésticos peligrosos programado para el 31 de julio de

Is Your Home Toxic-Free? Please carefully consider the purchasing choices you make everyday and never place hazardous/toxic waste into your trash or recycling carts.

On Saturday, July 31, 2021 Lincoln County residents can properly dispose of household hazardous waste at no charge at the annual HHW Collection Event. Each year the event rotates between Lincoln City, Newport, Toledo and Waldport. The 2021 HHW Event will be held July 31, 2021 at:

North Lincoln Sanitary Service Address
1726 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City
9:00am – 2:00pm

Materials accepted at the HHW Collection Event include: Poisons: pesticides, herbicides, fungicides & other poisons Heavy Metals: mercury & products containing elemental mercury Corrosives: acids, bases, & reactives This year we are also encouraging Lithium Batteries – not only because old lithium batteries are a recyclable commodity, but also because they pose a risk of fire when placed into the garbage.

A few reminders:

  1. No containers larger than 5 gallons in capacity
  2. No sharps or other medications
  3. No explosives: such as bullets, fireworks, flares/aerial flares

PLEASE BE SAFE when handling hazardous household waste, safety is essential!. Properly prepare materials:

  1. Keep products in their original containers whenever possible. Ensure containers are labeled. Do not mix products into one container – Dangerous reactions can occur when some materials are combined.
  2. If a container is leaking, secure it in a secondary leak-proof container. – Please do not put items in plastic bags –
  3. Box up materials and seal lids tight to prevent rolling around in your trunk while driving and to prevent spills or dangerous mixing of hazardous materials. secure in the trunk of your vehicle, away from the driver, passengers, and pets. Containers and boxes, including gasoline cans, cannot be returned.

COVID-19 safety for this event:
When at the event, please keep windows rolled up and locate hazardous waste(s) in the trunk or in
the very back of truck bed so event staff may easily remove items.

Also, check with your hauler for items they accepted year-round at their depots!

See attached flyer for more information (Consulte el folleto adjunto para obtener más información.)