Chlorine Supply Interruption Update for Lincoln City

The Lincoln City Public Works Department has been proactively working this issue over the last 24 hours and we have coordinated with Lincoln City Parks and Recreation Department. Here is the current status for Lincoln City.

Our water treatment method uses chlorine in the form of chlorine gas in very small amounts to ensure our water is safe to drink.

We have approximately 80 days of chlorine supply remaining. Some wastewater treatment plants also use chlorine gas but ours does not – we use ultra-violet light to disinfect.

Our pools were converted to an ultra-violet and Calcium Hypochlorite tablet system in 2017; we have enough supply of the tablets to get us through the summer.Currently the City has no issues at this point with the chlorine supply disruption and the water is safe to drink.

We will monitor the situation closely and take proactive actions if necessary.

We aren’t asking people to curtail water use beyond good conservation practices at this time.