Spring/Summer Cleaning? Want to have a Garage Sale? Yes, you need a permit

Per city code LCMC 5.8 to have a garage sale in the city limits you must have a permit.

The purpose of requiring the permit is to limit the number of garage sales per year at one location. This prevents flea markets and other such businesses from being established in residential neighborhoods without the proper hearings, variances and permits.

Garage sales shall be allowed twice each calendar year for a maximum of fourteen (14) days. All signage for the sale must follow LCMC 17.72.030.  All signs must be removed within one (1) day after the sale completion.

This permit is free and easy to obtain. The application can be found on our website here or by contacting the Finance Department 541.996.1211

To read the codes in their entirety please go to: www.lincolncity.org/citycharterandlaws