Day: April 30, 2021

Governor Kate Brown Provides Updates on COVID-19 in Oregon

With cases surging, Governor urges Oregonians to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated Salem, OR—Governor Kate Brown held a press conference today to provide an update on the status of COVID-19 in Oregon. The Governor was joined by Dr. Peter Graven, Lead Data Scientist, Oregon Health & Science University; Mariana Robins, a 15-year old with long-haul COVID-19 symptoms; Dr. Dean Sidelinger, State Epidemiologist, Oregon Health Authority (OHA); and Dana Hargunani, Chief Medical Officer, OHA.

“As we are facing widespread cases, driven by new, more contagious variants, I was presented with data showing two paths Oregon could take: One in which we took no additional action and stood by while more people die from this disease, and another that required a temporary tightening of restrictions for certain counties but could save hundreds of lives and prevent as many as 450 hospitalizations over the next three weeks. As your Governor, I chose to save lives,” said Governor Brown.

“There is some good news. The same scientific modeling also shows that over the course of the next two-to-three weeks, based on current vaccination rates, we can get ahead of these variants. Following that trajectory, we should be able to lift restrictions statewide and return to a sense of normalcy no later than the end of June.

“We are asking for your help today. We know vaccinations are the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones, and they are the key to fully reopening our economy and moving forward to post-pandemic life. But it will take each and everyone one of us to do our part to get there. If you haven’t been vaccinated, please do so now — there are many available appointments statewide.”

Additional Materials
• A copy of the Governor’s prepared remarks from today’s press conference is available here.
• A copy of a Governor’s letter being sent to Extreme Risk counties and other stakeholders is available here.
• More information on vaccines is available at

• Data and analysis from OHSU is available on their website under the section titled “OHSU COVID-19 forecast.”
• OHSU’s COVID forecast for April 30, 2021 is available here.

Newsroom article found here.

Ballots for May Special District Elections Are in the Mail + Link to Register to Vote

Oregon voters will soon begin receiving their ballots for the Tuesday, May 18, 2021 special district elections. Oregon voters will find on their ballot races for local school board, utility districts, and other special districts that provide leadership and direction on essential public services.

“There’s an intense focus on elections when we’re working to elect a President, but these local races also have a substantial impact on our everyday lives,” said Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan. “The May 18 election will determine who will sit on school boards, funding through bond measures, and representation on water, fire, and other special districts that provide critical services across the state.”

Eligible voters are all citizens over the age of 18, including those who were formerly incarcerated and/or who have received a felony conviction.

Oregonians have several options for returning ballots for the Tuesday, May 18 election. Voters can mail back their ballot using the pre-paid postage envelope that accompanies each ballot or they can return their ballots to any official drop box location throughout the state. To find the nearest official drop box location, click here and enter the address where you are registered to vote:…

“Most Oregon voters will receive their ballots in the mail over the next week. Be on the lookout for your ballot and information from your county elections office,” Secretary Fagan added. “All elections matter. This is your opportunity to have a say in the future of your communities.”

Voters with questions about their ballot should contact their county elections office. A complete list can be found at

Lincoln County Digital Voter’s Pamphlet

Register to Vote

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