Day: April 23, 2021

Lincoln City celebrating Oregon Arbor Month with family activities and art kits report from KOIN News

Visit the KOIN News website here for full article and video interview with Krista Eddy, Visual Arts Director at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, discussing celebration of Oregon Arbor Month in Lincoln City.

For more information visit the Lincoln City Cultural Center website or their Facebook page to get more information about them and all they are doing.

A Day on Earth, an article from cascade head UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Last year at this time, the world was just beginning to deal with what would become a worldwide health crisis. The novel coronavirus that swept across the globe in a manner of months is a strong reminder of just how small our little blue planet is. The smallest of viruses challenged the planet’s most dominant species, and we humans – while staying 6 feet apart – all learned just how interconnected we are with one another …

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