Did you know? Renters must take action to get protected from eviction

Renters in Oregon must take a step to be covered under the current statewide eviction moratorium that will last until June 30, 2021. With limited exceptions, landlords cannot evict renters for nonpayment or without cause until July of 2021 — if renters sign and return a form to their landlord if they can’t afford their rent. Renters who do not return the form are not protected, and can be evicted!

In order to be protected from eviction, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Download the declaration of financial hardship form.
  2. Sign the declaration of financial hardship form.
  3. Return the form to your landlord as soon as possible (keep a copy for your records!) Renters can return the form by text, email, first class mail, personal delivery, or fax.

Find the form here: courts.oregon.gov. If you have questions or need legal information you can contact one of these agencies:

Renters can give the form to their landlord at any time, up until the first appearance in eviction court. But renters should give the form to their landlords as soon as possible.