Grants to Help Employers and Survivors of Wildfire Recovery

Northwest Oregon Works (NOW) has received federal grant funds to access a crew of temporary workers related to the recent Echo Mountain fire disaster in Lincoln County. Training scholarships or On-the-Job training supports are also available for unemployed workers.

Humanitarian Work
* Food, clothing or related distribution
* Navigator or Peer-Support
* Other humanitarian aid

Clean Up Work
* Debris Removal
* Demolition of Structures

Recover/Rebuild Work
* Repair and reconstruction of structures, facilities or lands related to the disaster
* Recovery and rebuilding work will focus on public land

Job Seekers
* Currently not employed with priority to those who have been laid off as a consequence of the disaster
* Training funds are also available for non-disaster related work
* Supportive services to enable participation in disaster relief employment and training services

For more information contact Angeline Chan-Pepper at 888-457-1178 ext 602 or