Day: February 9, 2021

City Council Sets Goals for Fiscal Year 2021-2022

The Lincoln City Council set their goals during last night’s City Council meeting.

Goal: Code Enforcement – To Educate, Inform and Protect the Residents of Lincoln City.

Goal: Community Engagement – Increase Participation in and Develop Skills for Civic Involvement.

Goal: Economic Development and Workforce Housing – Provide Support, Opportunities and Expansion for Residential and Commercial.

Goal: Emergency Preparedness – Maintain and Expand Emergency Preparedness for the Safety of Our Community.

Goal: Infrastructure – Long Range Planning – Maintain, Restore and Create On-going Long Range Projects for the City.

Goal: Parks and Recreation – Provide and Maintain Natural Resources and Recreational Opportunities.

Goal: Sustainability – Provide Direction for a Healthy Community that is Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly.

Goal: Financial – Maintain and Monitor State and Local Budgetary Obligations in Order to Support Fiscal Responsibilities of the City.

The City Council also discussed during their February 1, 2021 work meeting priorities and tasks to achieve these goals. These included among other items:

A new computer program to track and analyze code enforcement issues.

Creating a community service officer

The role of the various City committees

The appointment process for City committees

Easing the prohibition of single-use dwellings in the multi-family zone.

The development of the Villages at Sitka Woods

The City policy and practice about the use of emergency caches.

Completing the updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan

Using the various plans already adopted such as the Transportation Plan, the Parks and Recreation Plan, etc.

Committee Appointments

Congratulations to the following individuals who were appointed by the City Council to serve on Lincoln City committees.

Laura Joki – Appointed to the Explore Lincoln City Committee

Alanna Miel – Appointed to the Explore Lincoln City Committee

Barbara Hahn – Appointed to the Parks and Recreation Board

Jane Mulholland – Appointed to the Parks and Recreation Board

Nancy Oksenholt – Appointed to the Budget Committee

Ty Guadagno – Appointed to the Budget Committee