Day: February 5, 2021

Planning Director’s Interpretation for Project Turnkey

Northwest Coastal Housing requested a Planning Director’s Interpretation for using 1014 NE Highway 101 (Paradise Inn) as a transient use for temporary occupants displaced by the Echo Mountain Complex Fire and people vulnerable to or affected by COVID-19 in need of non-congregate setting. Occupancy will be on a nightly/week-by-week basis. There will be internet, television, phones, sink, microwaves, refrigerators and a non-congregate business center for virtual meetings.  Cleaning and laundry services will still be provided, as currently exists.  Rooms will not be free.  Occupants must pay for their lodging.

This project is not intended to be used for an emergency shelter, homeless shelter, transitional living, permanent supportive housing, nor long term housing. This is a business operation. It is to be operated as such.

The City’s Senior Planner and Community Development Director made the conclusion and decision.

‘Project Turnkey’ is a permitted use in the G-C zone, under the applicant’s proposal, the City definitions and the nature of the development and its location.

Therefore, the use of Paradise Inn and Suites/City Center Motel may be developed for transient lodging (a permitted use in the G-C Zone as described in LCMC 17.32.020) for the victims of the Echo Mountain Complex Fire and people vulnerable to or affected by COVID-19, similar to any other guest utilizing the subject property’s accommodations.