Day: December 3, 2020

Oregon Health Authority Weekly Report December 2, 2020

Dec. 2, 2020 — In the latest Weekly Report, Oregon set new weekly highs for COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations for the second consecutive week.

OHA reported 9,100 new daily cases during the week of Monday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Nov. 29, a 5% increase over the previous week. Weekly hospitalizations associated with COVID-19 rose to 398, a 9% increase. This is a significant slowing from the previous week, yet still the highest weekly total reported during the pandemic.

There were 86 reported COVID-19 deaths, up from 61 the previous week. People aged 20 to 49 have accounted for 55% of the cases, while people 70 and older have accounted for 74% of the deaths.

During the week of Nov. 22 to Nov. 28, 141,356 COVID-19 tests were administered. The percentage of positive tests was 8.6%.

Starting this week, there are changes to the Weekly Report format. The most significant change is a separate report listing all active and resolved outbreaks in Oregon. This will be an ongoing format. Also, cases by ZIP code are now available as a data dashboard, and will no longer be listed in the Weekly Report.