Day: November 12, 2020

High Wind Warning for Oregon Coast

High Wind Warning Effective Nov 13th
Information concerning high winds and surf on the Oregon Coast and snow in the Cascades and Coast Range.


● Timing and intensity of storm continues to be in flux.

● Strong storm system to impact much of region Friday and Friday night and into Saturday.

● High winds and high surf likely along the coast.

● Strong winds possible inland areas including the inland valleys.

● Heavy snow likely in the high Cascades.

Coastal Areas – Friday through Saturday

Gusts 45 to 55 mph along beaches and headlands.

Gusts 35 to 45 mph for coastal communities.

High surf.

Strongest southwesterly winds most likely to occur Friday afternoon to early evening, but timing is not certain. Peak speeds are most likely to occur on headlands and beaches. The period with greatest threat of high surf and coastal flooding is Friday night to Saturday morning.

Current Surf reports for Lincoln City show wave heights/swells

Friday November 13, 2020 from 12am Friday to 9pm Friday between 6-14ft.

Saturday November 14, 2020 from 12am Saturday to 9pm Saturday between 6-16 ft.

Sunday November 15, 2020 from 12am Sunday to 9pm Sunday between 5-10 ft.

King Tides Begin Sunday November 15, 2020 through Tuesday November 17, 2020