Month: July 2020

Join Lincoln City Parks and Recreation for Outdoor Socially Distanced Fitness Classes.

Since March, Lincoln City Parks and Recreation (LCP&R) has focused on going virtual to support community via continued recreation, education, and activities for wellness of mind and body for all ages. And they’re still going strong! On a daily basis, LCP&R offers a variety of virtual fitness classes, dance parties, story time, cooking classes, meditations, trail hikes, camp activities, interactive FB posts and contests and special events like Arbor Day and Mascot Parade – all free for the public.

LCP&R is excited to announce their newest fitness classes: working out in the parking lot, social distanced with an instructor. The free weekly classes will be held on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11 a.m. in the Community Center parking lot. The parking lot will serve as a fitness classroom with parking spaces marked off for safety. No registration is required but classes are open to the first 20 – just show up! Per the governor’s orders, LCP&R asks attendees to follow safety guidelines and wear a mask. Parking is open on the east side of the lot.

For continued updates on all of LCP&R activities and re-opening phases, please follow the Lincoln City Parks and Recreation FB page, visit, or call 541.994.2131.