Historic Preservation Specialists to Walk Highway 101

Have you ever wondered about the local history behind a building? The City is excited to share a grant was received from the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) through the Oregon Main Streets Program, to conduct a walking survey of the commercial historic properties along Highway 101.

Two staff members accompanied by two interns with the SHPO will be in town Monday, June 24th through Wednesday, June 26th. The public may see the team in the community throughout the week photographing properties and collecting preliminary information.  The walking survey will focus on buildings around 50 years old or older throughout the business corridor of the Pearls along Hwy 101.

The survey’s findings will help the city determine the historic integrity of buildings throughout the historic business districts of Lincoln City.  The information can help the city leverage historic assets to encourage economic growth and revitalization.  There are no decisions being made at the time of the survey and properties will not be designated historic in any way as a direct result of the survey work being done.

Please note that the team will have proper identification and will not need to enter private property.  All photography will be completed from the public right-of-way and private homes won’t be surveyed.  Property owners do not need to be present, but are welcome to provide the SHPO staff with any historical information that they possess about their commercial buildings. If you have questions about the survey, contact the Planning and Community Development Department (541-996-2153).