City Says Goodbye to Familiar Faces

The City of Lincoln City’s Senior Planner, Debra Martzhan Nicholson and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Mark Nicholson have officially retired.

Debra served our community for almost 10 years, guiding influential projects all while establishing and maintaining essential relationships throughout the City.  Her knowledge of the City and dedication to improving our City will be missed.

Mark previously served as the City’s Finance Director for 5 years.  He retired from the City as the Emergency Operations Coordinator for the past 5 years.  Mark developed and lead the City’s emergency management program in all phases, including mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  His commitment to educating and preparing our community will certainly be missed.

We are truly grateful for the role that both Debra and Mark took on in the City.  They will always be remembered for their accomplishments. Thank you for all the years of hard work and dedication to our team, and congrats on retirement. Enjoy the next chapter!