Yesterday I wrote about and showed pictures of planters.  Today, it’s garbage cans.  As a reminder, we’re looking at enhancing the streetscapes of our business districts.  I learned a long time ago that streetscapes are not about moving people from point A to point B, they’re about creating an experience for the drivers, pedestrians, bike riders, etc.  Even the garbage cans help create an experience.  So, look these over and tell me what you think at


This traditional, decorative, metal can is quite common.  It’s attractive, easy to find and relatively inexpensive.









These cans combine the trash and recycling cans. Again, metal and somewhat traditional.  They add a little color and make it difficult to add large amounts or household trash which has been a problem in Lincoln City.  The picture on right is also trash and recycling but they are also compactors that are powered with solar energy.


These cans are more decorative and are designed to blend with the landscaping.  They are also trash and recycling cans.  They also attempt to un-clutter the cans with a lot of writing by putting the “trash” and “recycling” identification on the top.

Of course, if you’re a Baltimore Orioles baseball fan like me, this is the only choice.