Day: June 22, 2018


  • Use leftover cooking oil to occasionally wipe down metal gardening tools to prevent corrosion
  • Use table salt as a natural weed killer (mix with water in one of your reused glass bottles or even a reused spray bottle)
  • Use broken pottery, mugs, plates, and cups to plant in and decorate your garden
  • Old pallets are a great way to make an outdoor compost pile
  • Old tubs and sinks make great ponds and decorative planters
  • Reuse wood scraps to create inexpensive garden plots
  • reuse large plastic water bottles to protect seedlings from wind and insects-once the plant is touching the bottle it should be removed and saved to use for the next seedling
  • Reuse old CD’s and DVD’s to scare off birds
  • Make your own sprinkler head out of a used plastic bottle 
  • reuse old silverware by painting them and creating a cool wind chimeMore zero waste tips coming soon!