Day: May 23, 2018


Since I began exploring ideas and strategies to help reduce trash, I wanted to share with you something I have been doing for a while now.  If you’re like me you accumulate a lot of white paper, especially one-sided paper.  What a waste to use this paper once and then recycle it or throw it away.  Wouldn’t it be better to find a way to return this paper to mother-nature?  I save one sided paper documents and turn them into notepads.  Recently I accumulated 5” of paper and converted it into 10” of notepads.  I’m always looking for note pads and scrap paper.  I cut them in half and painted “Plasti-dip” on the ends to hold the paper together.  Once the pads are used I will shred them and use them in composting.  Think of it – returning the paper to mother earth through composting.  That’s the ultimate in trash reduction.










Even if you are not able to make notepads out of old papers then try some of these other ideas for reuse:

  • Printing -paper that is blank on one side can be reused in the printer to print documents that do not need to be distributed.
  • Pet Cage Liner- reusing paper and newspaper is perfect for lining small animal cages.
  • Origami- reusing paper as craft projects for kids is perfect. The possibilities are endless when you give children blank paper.  My origami specialty is jumping frogs.  (See Picture – it actually jumps)
  • Fire starters- reuse paper with non-toxic ink by tearing into strips and using it to start BBQ grill fires.
  • Paper-Mache craft products- reuse paper to make paper-Mache piñatas and other craft projects.
  • Gift Wrap- use paper to create your own patterned wrapping paper. Draw your own design and color for a personalized gift.