Month: April 2018


  • Buy food from bulk bins (avoid unnecessary packaging)
  • Bring reusable bags to go shopping (keep a couple in your trunk)
  • Shop smart, Plan meals and avoid impulse buys
  • Use refillable water bottles
  • Use cheese cloth as coffee filters (washable and reusable)
  • Save your glass jars and reuse them as food containers
  • Switch to e-bills

Reducing and reusing not only saves the planet but it saves you money.

Look for more waste reducing tips on Ron’s Report.





Many people came out to enjoy an evening of song, dance, and jokes at A Fool’s Day Cabaret, a benefit for the Lincoln City Warming Shelter on Saturday, March 31st at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Lincoln City Warming Shelter President, Patrick Alexander, Cabaret Director, Phyllis Thompson along with a variety of amazing talent filled the evening with light hearted antics in aid of a serious cause. Guests were invited to share the spotlight by telling a joke for a chance to win prizes.  The fun and humorous evening drew attention to homelessness and the vital role of the Warming Shelter in the community.  The Lincoln City Warming Shelter offers emergency weather shelter and year-round resources to the homeless.  The fundraiser was a fun and entertaining night with a serious message and mission.