Day: December 8, 2017


On December 7th, Councilor Diana Hinton of Ward 1, City Manager, Ron Chandler, along with the Planning and Community Development Director, Richard Townsend held a meeting at the Driftwood Public Library to update the community on The Villages Preliminary Master Plan and to discuss potential concerns. Also present at the meeting representing Palisades Condo HOA, were members, Nancy Cable and Cindy V.


Concerned Community members listened to Planning Director, Richard Townsend explain how the original proposed master plan for the Villages at Cascade Head needs to be revamped.  The original plan developed in 1998 is now outdated.  Some of the land is no longer under the City’s jurisdiction and it also does not thoroughly address the property constraints pertaining to existing wetlands, streams, and steep hillsides. The planning of the new master plan is still in the very beginning phases.  At this point the City is gathering feedback from the community as to where to go from here.

Some of the concerns raised by residents in the area are trees and trails protection, excess storm water drainage, wildlife area, property value, planning for roads and increased traffic, and the expected length of the process.  Mr. Townsend assured the residents that there will be conditions placed on the development addressing the concerns regarding the preservation and fluidity of the architecture. There are also engineering and economic constraints that need to be addressed.  The City’s effort is to provide more housing opportunities within the community while maintaining the open green spaces.  The project is still in the very early stages and will require compromise and organized planning.   Mr. Chandler and the City Council welcome the voice of the community throughout this process to aid in establishing a collective vision.

For further information contact the Planning Department at 541-996-2152.