Council Adopts 2017-18 Budget


Lincoln City City Council adopted the 2017-18 budget last night at their regular Council Meeting.

The following is a list of changes to the proposed budget made by the budget committee:

  • General Fund

o Add $2,000 to City Council budget for quarterly mailings

o Add $19,711 to City Attorney budget to increase assistant from 0.25 FTE to 0.50 FTE

o Subtract $12,746 from City Admin budget to remove 0.50 FTE public relations assistant and increase executive assistant from 0.75 FTE to 1.0 FTE

o Add $5,000 to Economic Development budget for traveling and marketing

o Add $50,000 to General Non-Dept budget for Contributions for Outside Agencies

o Add $50,000 to General Non-Dept budget for sign for the Community Center

o Subtract $200,000 from the transfer to the Percent for Art fund

o Add $100,000 to the transfer to Facilities fund (for security assessment and capital)

o Add $150,000 to a transfer to the Unbonded Assessment fund (for additional LID/Reimbursement District resources)

o Subtract $163,965 from unappropriated fund balance

  • Percent for Art Fund

o Subtract $200,000 from transfer in from General Fund (revenue)

o Subtract $200,000 from capital purchases

  • Street Capital Fund

o Subtract $350,000 from Street Overlay Projects

o Add $350,000 to Sidewalk Construction

  • Facilities Capital Fund

o Add $100,000 transfers in from General Fund (revenue)

o Add $100,000 in Building Improvements for security assessment and capital

o Add $150,000 in Park Improvements for the Taft dock

o Subtract $150,000 from Capital Contingency

  • Unbonded Assessment  Fund:

o Add $150,000 transfers in from General Fund (revenue)

o Add $150,000 to Capital Contingency (funding for future LID/Reimbursement Districts)