Month: June 2017

Pixiefest in the Rose Parade

The City of Lincoln City was represented in the 2017 Rose Festival Parade by a Pixiefest float. Local Kiwanis, city staff, and Career Tech students built and decorated the float with fresh flowers, seeds, and pods.

This is the first year for the new Pixiefest in Lincoln City. Pixiefest is this weekend at Chinook Winds Casino and Resort. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

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Council Adopts 2017-18 Budget


Lincoln City City Council adopted the 2017-18 budget last night at their regular Council Meeting.

The following is a list of changes to the proposed budget made by the budget committee:

  • General Fund

o Add $2,000 to City Council budget for quarterly mailings

o Add $19,711 to City Attorney budget to increase assistant from 0.25 FTE to 0.50 FTE

o Subtract $12,746 from City Admin budget to remove 0.50 FTE public relations assistant and increase executive assistant from 0.75 FTE to 1.0 FTE

o Add $5,000 to Economic Development budget for traveling and marketing

o Add $50,000 to General Non-Dept budget for Contributions for Outside Agencies

o Add $50,000 to General Non-Dept budget for sign for the Community Center

o Subtract $200,000 from the transfer to the Percent for Art fund

o Add $100,000 to the transfer to Facilities fund (for security assessment and capital)

o Add $150,000 to a transfer to the Unbonded Assessment fund (for additional LID/Reimbursement District resources)

o Subtract $163,965 from unappropriated fund balance

  • Percent for Art Fund

o Subtract $200,000 from transfer in from General Fund (revenue)

o Subtract $200,000 from capital purchases

  • Street Capital Fund

o Subtract $350,000 from Street Overlay Projects

o Add $350,000 to Sidewalk Construction

  • Facilities Capital Fund

o Add $100,000 transfers in from General Fund (revenue)

o Add $100,000 in Building Improvements for security assessment and capital

o Add $150,000 in Park Improvements for the Taft dock

o Subtract $150,000 from Capital Contingency

  • Unbonded Assessment  Fund:

o Add $150,000 transfers in from General Fund (revenue)

o Add $150,000 to Capital Contingency (funding for future LID/Reimbursement Districts)