Month: November 2016

Officers Bomar and Spano are Honored with Life Saving Award


On Friday November 4, 2016, Senior Officer Bobby Bomar and Officer Jason Spano were awarded the Oregon Peace Officers Association’s (OPOA) Life Saving Award during the OPOA’s annual awards banquet.

Officers Spano and Bomar responded to a medical emergency and found an individual unconscious, foaming at the mouth and not breathing.

Sr. Officer Bomar started CPR while Officer Spano operated an AED that is stored in his patrol vehicle. The patient gasped for air and a pulse returned after the shock was administered and a few moments of chest compressions. Officers Bomar and Spano continued to monitor the patient until an ambulance arrived.

It was later reported to Sgt. Randy Weaver by the emergency room staff that the patient would have died from heart failure if Officers Bomar and Spano had not reacted so quickly.

Congratulations and thanks to Lincoln City’s fine officers.